Your Campaign

Release Date
You decide, in conjunction with myself and your CD distributor, the release date of your album. If you don’t have physical distribution in the UK I can arrange this. I can also give advice regarding digital distribution on iTunes, Amazon etc. Your CDs should be pressed and in your possession at least 8 weeks before your release date.

Press Pack
We compile a digital press pack, containing a selection of your promo photos both hi-res (for print) and lo-res (for web) and a ‘one sheet’ press release in pdf format. You will also need a physical press release to accompany CDs. Either I write the press release based on information you provide, or you can write it yourself but it should fit neatly onto one side of A4, preferably including forthcoming live dates. This will be professionally printed.

Digital Promos
I will upload high-quality MP3 files of your album tracks to Soundcloud, where a private download link to them can be generated. Many radio shows are happy to accept digital files for airplay, it’s quicker, easier and cheaper than sending a CD and saves more of your valuable product to be sold through your distributor or at gigs.

CD Dispatch
I will need promo CDs about 8 weeks before your release date. These will be sent along with the press release to:

  • Specialist music magazines
  • Mainstream music magazines
  • Relevant music equipment magazines
  • A selection of freelance journalists
  • A selection of national newspapers
  • Local newspapers relevant to your tour dates
  • A selection of BBC Radio 2 presenters and producers
  • A selection of BBC local radio presenters
  • Various other regional and national radio shows
  • A selection of specialist web-radio shows
  • Digital distribution to a wider range of web-radio shows
  • A small selection of international contacts, upon request

In the weeks following the CDs dispatch I will call or email the recipients, asking for reviews, editorial features or airplay, and then report back to you the results. Press clippings will be scanned and emailed to you and posted on Facebook, Twitter etc. along with news of radio plays, gigs and any other associated stories. I will continue to do this for the reasonable ‘promo life’ of an album, which is typically around three months.