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Connie Lush Band
Released 4th December, 2015
COR0001 / Plastic Head Distribution
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After over 20 years of her award-winning career, entertaining audiences in 30 countries throughout the world, Connie Lush has arrived at a new beginning. An enforced absence from the road turned into a period of reevaluation resulting in a new paragraph of her remarkable story.

COVER_WEBConnie Lush is recognised as one of the finest blues singers in the UK, five-time winner of best UK vocalist, twice European Blues vocalist of the year, she has performed at some of Europe’s most prestigious festivals, wowed audiences from Moscow to LA and toured the UK with the late, great BB King culminating in an unforgettable night at the Royal Albert Hall.

But by 2014 Connie felt that the time had come to take stock of her situation and shake things up a little. The first changes came when she and her bass playing husband Terry Harris were joined by new band members Roy Martin, whose drumming has been heard with Aretha Franklin, James Morrison and Barclay James Harvest among many others, and guitarist/producer Steve Wright, known for his stunning guitar playing, his successful career as a TV and film composer and his exemplary production along with mixing work for King King, Oli Brown and Aynsley Lister.

The summer of 2014 saw Connie and her new band decampdisney to Steve’s Y Dream Studios on the edge of Snowdonia National Park to write new material. The result of this and subsequent recording sessions is an album packed full of timeless original songs, beautifully produced by Steve Wright and mixed with his House-Of-Tone partner Wayne Proctor, at times reminiscent of Tom Jones’ work with Ethan Johns, others evoking the country-soul influence of Bonnie Raitt or pop/rock sensibilities of Stevie Nicks, all providing perfect showcases for Connie’s world-class voice.

As you might expect from such seasoned musicians the playing throughout is consummate, with Steve’s guitar providing atmosphere, texture and counterpoint to Connie’s impassioned performances, along with some extraordinaryH62A0034 - Copy solo work. The rhythm section are solid and sparse in their accompaniment, serving the songs with experience and humility though providing the requisite flair when called upon.

From the opening bars of the brooding Lonely Boy, through the radio-friendly choruses of Blame It All On Me and the soul of Blue Night to the closing, exquisite reading of the album’s only cover version, Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me, Connie Lush expertly demonstrates her new direction, her new start, her Renaissance.

Connie and her band will be showcasing the new album on tour throughout November and December with album launches at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall (with a second date added after the first sold out) and London’s 100 Club.

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Track List:
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  1. Lonely Boy
  2. Blame (It All on Me)
  3. Don’t Cry For Me
  4. I Don’t Say Goodbye
  5. Blue Night
  6. Shine a Light on Me
  7. Give Me a Minute
  8. Crying Won’t Help You
  9. Falling Down Like Rain
  10. I Can’t make You Love me


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