Blues & Roots PR (UK) offers a realistic solution for independent artists who don’t have the time, inclination or expertise to promote themselves to press and radio, or the budget to employ a large or long-established PR company. Efficiently promote your album to all the press and radio contacts that count, from blogs and podcasts to glossy magazines and national radio, without wasting your valuable product or your precious time.

If you don’t have physical distribution in place I can help with that, making your CD or vinyl album available on Amazon, HMV online etc. and in independent record stores, while you will still control the digital release on iTunes etc., and of course still be at liberty to sell your CDs at gigs.

Having undertaken several campaigns for a variety of artists in the latter part of 2015 and become more aware of artist’s requirements at different budget levels I am now offering several options, from a basic mailout to a much more comprehensive service.

  • Basic Mailout – you supply 60 CDs with accompanying press releases containing your own contact details and I will send them to a selection of people on my database, tailored to your own requirements, perhaps focusing on the blues scene or maybe incorporating some mainstream media with the intention of starting to get your name heard in broader circles. This may be a good option for a single or EP release, or for those on an extremely tight budget.
  • Blues Scene Focus – you supply 80 CDs and I will write, design and professionally print your press releases. CDs will be sent to independent blues radio presenters, magazines and websites along with selected other BBC and independent radio presenters, magazines and blogs. Digital versions of the album & press release will be sent out as well as hard copies. Follow-up calls will be made as well as promotion on social media.
  • Broader Horizons – a more comprehensive service including mainstream magazines and radio shows and some national papers. You supply 100 CDs and they will be split between media contacts on the blues scene as well as mainstream music and equipment magazines, national papers, independent journalists and a variety of radio shows. Also includes press-release writing and design, social media promotion and follow-ups. This service would be appropriate for artists who would like to spread their name further afield and have a strong belief in their music’s potential for broader appeal. It goes without saying that the competition for column inches and airplay in the mainstream music media is beyond fierce but even the smallest result in this area can help draw wider attention to an artist and broaden their fan-base.

For all services I will need your CDs and press releases ready at least 6 – 8 weeks before your release date but to really stand the best chance of coordinating reviews and radio plays it would be ideal to have your material 3 months ahead of the release date.

To have a chat about your project and get an idea of costs get in touch on +44 (0)7916 125163 or drop me an email at info@bluesandrootspr.com

For more information and examples of campaigns I have run see the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Matt Taylor.